Traditionally, Serbian matrimony traditions last three days. The first day starts with a traditional marriage ceremony lunch. This can be followed by a traditional wedding ceremony. The service is done by a clergyman. The ceremony incorporates roasted meat, green salads, cheese and beef broth.

Following the wedding ceremony, a cake is definitely eaten. The bride and groom hug. The best man gives the newlyweds their marriage rings. They are really congratulated by family and friends.

The bride-to-be is often offered a wedding wreath. This is some jewelry made from several components, including peacock down and lines of pearls. It symbolizes fertility and protection serbian women against nasty.

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An additional Serbian wedding ceremony tradition is shooting an apple. It is often practiced for years. It proves which the groom is no longer a child. This individual has come to an age which gives him recognition inside the Serbian contemporary culture.

In some parts of Serbia, the groom works buklijas. This is a marriage ceremony that involves visiting the homes of guests. It also gives good luck for the newlyweds. In some areas, the soon-to-be husband may be needed to sing a song for the bride.

The bride-to-be is also provided a wedding apparel. This can be a lent costume or one that was purchased to get the wedding. The groom will pay for the dress.

A marriage wreath is often made from peacock feathers and rows of pearls. This symbolizes the desire with the bride intended for fertility. In addition, it protects the bride by evil sight.

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